Departure Day

Departure day is finally here and after months of wait our New Zealand adventure is about to become the present for us. Dave will be by in a few hours to pick us up and take us to the airport for our Air New Zealand flight. As it happens Mary Apps is on the same flight en route to Australia & her daughter. Hmm. Seems to be a theme here: The Daughter,s Tour. However, truth be known, the similarities end with the flight, given than Julie & I are about to travel about New Zealand in an RV exploring the south island with Kim, finding new roads and new vistas. Mary, in contrast, will be in Australia to greet then help welcome her fifth grandchild into this world.  Fifth! And only two daughters! However, she assures us grandparent wannabes that’s it’s not all a bed of roses. Sure Mary. We understand that it can a tough row to hoe. I am now sitting in the departure lounge a short while ’till we board what will be a 13 1/2 hr flight to Auckland. The girls are off browsing while I take advantage of this new communication device and complete this short installment. It’s still hard to grasp that in such a short time we will be half way around the world and reunited with out Kim.

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