I’d like to tell you what the road was like between Hanmer Springs and Motueka (moe two EEK ah) but I can’t given that I was stretched out on my back simply enduring. Enroute Julie had made contact with the friends we were planning to visit and managed to arrange for me to see a doctor when we arrived.

Kim at the wheel

This blessed person assured me I was not in any terminal state, merely experiencing a bit of a pinched nerve. Nothing that an anti-inflammatory and some pain killers couldn’t help. We spent two nights in Motueka. The biggest event for me and my proudest achievement during those two days was getting from the campervan to the showers – and back – unassisted, all clean and shaved (well mostly). While Julie & Kim were perhaps not quite as exuberant as I was, I know they were happy and relieved that the meds were starting to put me on the road to recovery. As I write this passage ten days have elapsed since then and I still don’t feel ready to head out on long tramps.  I am able to join Kim & Julie for more than just the 100 meters or so of my initial hobbles. Now, back to Motueka.

There were actually two different friends we dined with that first evening.

Julie & Kim prepping dinner in the campervan

Margaret, from Cornwall, stayed with Julie’s family when visiting Canada back in the ’60’s. She and her partner John have recently bought a summer place in NZ nearby. Jack hired Julie way back in the late ’80’s when his company won its first national EAP contract and was recruiting manage staff to establish western operations. When he sold Corporate Health Consultants mid nineties he and his partner moved to NZ. The six (I was still not feeling too sociable) had a wonderful pot-luck dinner under the stars that night and the following day Julie, Kim, John & Margaret went on an all-day hike. Meanwhile I was able to get deep into book 2 of Game of Thrones.

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