On the road again

Willy Nelson may have been keen, but I bet he didn’t have to sit on bus travelling across the West Cape for the 7ish hours between Tulbagh & Knysna (silent k).

It started out well enough as the road wound through a wide valley that was filled with grape vines. It made the Okanagan feel puny in scale.

Then after maybe 90 minutes a very pleasant stop at the Karoo Desert Botanical Garden where we strolled about enjoying the flora & fauna, not to mention a bit of wildlife. Everything seems large here in South Africa.

Then back on the bus about 11:30. Next stop to be a surprise destination which Fred would not reveal. Still on the bus about 1:30 or so with those old gastric juices starting to call out for attention, we were informed we were still another hour or more from our surprise. We drove through several little towns and I noticed some longing looks at some very inviting restaurants, but no, we were on a mission that could not be interrupted by a lunch stop at a decent hour. A surprise mission. Out came the little hoards of peanuts, gorp, chocolate covered things etc in an effort to put at least something down to quell the hunger. We were assured there was a small restaurant where we could get something quick and were assured it would be well worth the wait. And then, finally, mercifully, about 3:30 and with great fanfare it was announced that we had arrived at our surprise destination. A roadside Aloe Vera factory! Let me tell you there was cheering in the isles. Aloe! Hello Fred? What were you thinking? Anyway, our small lynch mob eventually got back on the bus having reconsidered our murderous thoughts, having ingested some pies, chips and other delicacies for the final leg of our journey to Knysna.

Upon arrival at our lovely lodgings near town, we gathered together for a very pleasant happy hour before dinner. Dinner at the hotel was good and at the conclusion of dinner the moon beckoned us back to our rooms for some much needed rest after a long day on the road.

Location: Knysna

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