Not without some trepidation did we board our flight for London.  With our little Ellie, now almost 18 months old along with our son Blake and his wife Lauren, we occupied four seats just behind a bulkhead and just behind business class.  I should not have been worried as other than a small incident where Ellie grabbed then flung my glasses which struck a very grumpy woman in the face, the flight went well.  Except for the fact that Ellie was having such a great time that she wasn’t too interested in sleeping.  Thus her normal 12 hour sleep was missed completely.  We arrived early afternoon and Blake, Lauren and Ellie headed directly to the Mowatt’s while Julie and I stayed at the airport waiting for Kim’s flight to arrive, she having begun her journey in Australia.

This trip involves five different legs: we begin with several days in Crowthorne, a week in Wales, a week in Cornwall, several days in the New Forest and then finally, a week in Ontario before we head back to Vancouver.

And who are Gordon and Vivian Mowatt you ask?  Well, our son Blake and their son Phil are brothers-in-law, having married two of the three MacGregor sisters.  Nearing the end of a massive renovation of their family home they graciously offered to endure the six of us for three nights.  And I do mean endure.  It seems that the amount of time required to recover from jet lag is inversely proportional to the number of quart bottles of Peroni consumed.  Still, it was a real treat to arrive in England at not have to do the long drive down to Cornwall.  We stayed close to home for the time we were with the Mowatts, venturing as far as Windsor only a short drive away.  The Union Jack was flying from the top of the castle meaning that Liz was in residence, but we had already lunched and so declined her gracious invitation.  By the time Saturday rolled around most of us felt fully recovered from jet lag, eager for the next leg to begin.


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  1. Tim Says:

    August 25th, 2015 at 10:30 pm

    Glad to hear that Ellie did well on the flight! Hope you guys recover from jet lag quickly.

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