Where to begin?

The origins of this project stretch back 18 months. Already I could write a book about what has transpired, hence my first entry’s title: Where to begin?

Actually it’s a longer stretch than that. Julie & I started to think about ‘life after the B&B’ several years ago. What would it look like? What would we be doing? Where would we live? We struggled mightily with these questions. After all, we love what we do and we love where we live. Why make changes?

When in November 2014 the District of North Vancouver passed a Bylaw allowing the construction of laneway houses, we thought our answer had been delivered. Our plan was to build a laneway house which Blake, Lauren & Ellie would occupy. We would continue to operate the B&B as long as we felt able. At some point in the undefined future, when Julie & I were ready to ‘downsize’, we could do a flip flop – We move into the laneway house and Blake, Lauren and family (which by now has grown??) would move into the big house.

We really liked this plan as it had the added benefit of providing Blake and Lauren with the opportunity of affordable long term accommodation on Vancouver’s North Shore. Oh, and the chance for us to be to closer to our little sweetie, Ellie.

It seemed perfect, only it wasn’t, and had to be abandoned. This part is a long story that I’m going to save for later. In any event, a plan B, a home renovation, emerged from the ashes in early 2016.

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