Day 1

June 15th has become construction Day 1.  Here is what the backyard looked like at the end of the day.

Day 1

Our daughter Kim, home temporarily from Australia, has fashioned a holster for the camera.  It’s mounted on the fence and so what I plan to do is include a photo, fixed from this angle, each post.  Over time our new housing reality will reveal itself.  We have been assured that the back corner of the back yard is ‘safe’ from the ravages of construction, but judging by the way the piles of dirt seem to be shifting around and spreading out, I’m not so sure.  It’s tempting to say I’m going to do a daily photo, but then, why set myself up to fail?

It was pretty exciting when Tara the digger arrived with her machine, signifying an important turning point in the project – either the end of the beginning, or the beginning of the end – never sure which.  The beginning, the 18 months of planning leading up to this day, had many highs and lows.   No doubt these ups and downs will continue as events reveal themselves.  Like Day 1, where the excitement of the first few shovelfuls taken was tempered by the fact that our neighbour’s garage foundation (the white wall on the left) needs some shoring up lest it collapse into the pit along with our good neighbourly relations.

Just about the only thing that won’t be measured on an up and down scale is the construction costs.  They only move one way – up!  Actually that’s not true as our first architect, the negligent one, refunded several thousands of dollars of fees when his errors were revealed.  Not all of his fees, mind you, just enough to avoid death and dismemberment at the hands of his incredulous clients.




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