In the pits


June 27

Our first week of construction involved clearing the site and excavating in order to pour footings for the new structure.   Knowing we were finally underway helped us cope with the noise and seeming chaos in the backyard.  Why do construction vehicles always seem to be travelling in reverse with their incessant beep beep beep warning?  Seems to me they are noisy enough and big enough that everyone in the vicinity knows where they are.  You know where the guy operating the jackhammer is, but you are surprised that there is only one given the wall of sound they create.

Less than a week in and we have come to a standstill.  Why?  Our natural gas distributer, the sole arbiter of where the gas line and meter will be relocated, has yet to appear to make a decision.  Phone calls from pissed-off customers – even good ones like us – have no effect.

Meanwhile, the crack in the wall of our neighbours garage seems to have stopped widening.  Right now it’s being help up by piles of dirt until the retaining wall, which you can see formed, is poured.  This can’t be done until some temporary drainage is sorted out, the fear being another downpour too close to pouring concrete could cause problems.  We had several lovely pools in the backyard for a while.  (Sigh)

Still, we are underway.



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