Upward and Onward

I am surprised to see that it has been two months since my last post.  We are behind schedule.  Twelve weeks have passed since construction began but we are only on week seven according to our construction time line.  Yes indeed, cracks began to appear early.  And I do mean literally.  As in the crack in our neighbours garage wall that threatened collapse.  This state of affairs created not only project delay and unexpected extra costs but also elevated stress and anxiety.   For me personally, there was already a high level of stress and anxiety, largely due to the cost uncertainty involved in a project like this so we really didn’t need any more.

Months ago we had planned a camping trip to southern Washington.  We decided to go because a) we really wanted to, b) we were really ready for a break, and  c) it’s not like we had to stand there to hold up the garage wall.  As it turned out, we didn’t actually camp, (our friends did) we booked into a hotel, but that’s a different story for a different time.  What I wanted to relate was one of the project low points to date, namely a phone call from our daughter Kim while we were enjoying a lovely Sunday morning, asking us to imagine a geyser of water shooting up out of the ground fairly close to our garage with a torrent of water heading towards the neighbour’s (on the other side) and running down the walkway next to his house.  There’s a David Bowie song – Panic in Detroit – that instantly invaded my head, even though I haven’t listened to that tune for perhaps decades.  Just what we needed.  More water.  More happy neighbours.  Now in those first moments, time did not slow down but I do believe my pulse rate quickened a bit and Julie said later that my breathing was a little ragged.  However rather than total brain freeze I did manage to recall that our neighbour Charles (he of the collapsed wall) had the tool required to shut the water off above the break and with his help they managed to shut the water off to stop the fountainous flow.  Blake came over shortly thereafter and took up a shovel to dig and reveal the waterline split.  The municipal worker who arrived to shut the water off, seeing that we had managed to do it ourselves, advised that they would not charge us for the emergency call that would normally apply.  Our other neighbour Henry came by to offer to help.  The water cause no damage to his property.   And so we learned that not every bad event turns out badly and that the ground can absorb water more easily than the brain can absorb panic.

The neighbour’s garage is not going to collapse.   We can manage the stress.  We aren’t really that far behind schedule.  Cinderella doesn’t need to be home before midnight so we can live with the delays.  We can spend more money if we have to.   There!  Now I feel better.



And so at last the framing has begun.  Our crew now want to get the roof in place as soon as they can.  Tarps are wonderful things but I think we all know their limitations and besides, none of the plumbing or electrical can begin until the interior space is going to stay dry.  In Vancouver.  In October and November.  I feel we are not done with water just yet.  Yikes!

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