I’m Roofing in the Rain

stuffLast night just before midnight as we frantically emptied our kitchen cupboards to prevent the contents from becoming soaked from the rainwater cascading from above,  a passage from a book I just finished: The Aviator’s Wife – a novel based on the lives of Charles Lindberg and his (long suffering) wife Anne – came to mind.  He may have been a great aviator, but in his domestic life, among a variety of cruelties,  he required Anne to perform a complete inventory of household items on a quarterly basis.  Looking at the hundreds of items stretched out across our dining room, and this from maybe 25% of our kitchen cupboards, made me realize what a dastardly man he was to put his wife through such a tedious and essentially useless task.  But Man!  I had no idea how much stuff we had on these shelves.  Yes, the spice cupboard is extensive and we can probably prep a dozen pies with the stored pie plates, but it is somehow dismaying to see it all out there at once.

Trying to replace a roof in Vancouver in the rainy season seems like such a foolish thing to do, yet here we are, one of the wettest falls on record, trying to put a new roof on the house.  Had we been able to adhere to the initial schedule the roofing would have been completed mid September.  tarped-roofHowever, here we are, mid November and at a point where the developing structure needs to become watertight.  Don’t get me wrong, roofs are replaced in lousy weather all the time and roofers are experts at covering up.  Just like your dentist needs to be an expert at administering the needle to freeze you mouth.  One small error and you are in a world of pain.  OK, I exaggerate, it’s not that bad to have rain water pouring through your ceiling at 11PM Remembrance Day because the roofers goofed a bit.  Last night those floorboards were not swelling with pride as the dish and the spoon floated off together.

The roofer’s midnight fix wasn’t really a fix as Julie discovered around 2:30.  And thus the bailing continued through the wee hours until daylight and a huge blue tarp provided our reprieve.  wet-kitchenThe blower and dehumidifier are now working away hoping to dry things out quickly.  The towels are still tumbling in the dryer.  How much damage has been done remains to be seen.

The huge blue tarp – I’m sure we all think the same thing anytime we see one draped atop or around a structure in this city – Leaky condo!  The rain gods have not been kind to our project.  We’re flattered that somehow we have attracted their attention but are thinking that perhaps its time for them to move on.

And indeed it is time to move on.  After all, good progress is being made now and while I can’t really say the end is in sight, I often have trouble speculating too far beyond tomorrow.

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