Of Mice and Men

While it might have seemed so at times the past few months our house is not guarded by a moat and so I suppose it is not surprising that the latest invasion is mammalian in nature.  I suppose it was only a matter of time given that the west side of the house is largely gone.  There are more holes in it than the Swiss cheese these rodents so adore.

Fortunately I have some experience in these matters.  For twelve Alberta years we lived in a house where our back-yard neighbour was a prairie grain elevator.  Every fall when the weather turned cold and the elevators filled up, the hoards of mice, having feasted on the just harvested wheat, sought anyplace warm and dry to cozy up and produce the next generation (or two).  The warm glow from our kitchen window enticed more than just a few over the years.  We became experts at detecting that almost inaudible gnawing sound and one by one, would slowly reclaim our space.  Laying traps help push aside our invasion despair.  I’m a bit worried that our hearing is not what it used to be, but at least we are doing something to try to remedy the situation.  So unlike our kitchen, invaded by water (see previous rant), where there is nothing we can do to remedy the situation except try not to despair.

The good news is that the re-roofing is now complete.  Inshalla, we shall not see water cascading from the pot lights again.  Pot lights are supposed sources of light, not darkness.  With all the blue tarps removed we can finally see the overall shape of the addition and how it fits with the rest of the house.  Seamlessly is the word that comes to mind.  We are most grateful to our architects, Brian & Kelly at Living Radius, for coming up with a design that has not only integrated the new space with the existing but done it such that the whole seems to exceed the sum of the parts.


With the shingling complete the electricians and plumbers have begun their work.  Before the floor slab can be poured the tubing necessary for the infloor heating system needs to be put in place.  And so it goes, one thing leading to the next.

When will it be finished?  Right now the only thing we know for sure is that Blake & Lauren’s lease ends on December 31st.   Yes, they are moving in by year end regardless.  Talk about pressure!  Our contractor will have their bedroom renovation (the former Roslyn Suite of B&B fame) complete mid-December.  We will have to share the same kitchen for awhile but we’ve lived together before, so this will be something to celebrate.

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