Light in the Tunnel

My last post is more than seven months ago, late November.  At that point our kitchen had sustained some water damage and a couple of rats had decided to taunt us by roaming the halls at night.  In the evening, while guests were visiting, their sleek bodies scuttled by (rats, not guests) causing more than whispers.  Blake & Lauren had just given notice and were moving in before the end of December.   I must confess that all the headwinds we were encountering got the better of me and I found it hard to blog about it.  Nobody wants to hear stress and negativity and writing about it is no therapy for me.  Thus the recent void.

I am happy to report that the rats seem to be gone but Blake, Lauren & Ellie still roam the halls.  Our kitchen repairs are finished and the project overall is in the ‘home stretch’.   Yes, our four month project is almost complete over a year later.  Sounds about right?  We are all excited about this next phase.  We will still be living closely together, just not quite so close.  Except for Ellie who still roams free, unaware of such triflings.

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