Breakfast at Beachview

We love to cook. Julie loves to set a beautiful table.

breakfast table

There are few things more rewarding than seeing our breakfast efforts received with such enthusiasm and praise. It is our guests that spur us on each day to serve a carefully prepared, delicious and wholesome repast.

As much as possible we use organically grown locally produced fresh ingredients. Some of it is grown in our own back yard garden where we nurture many herbs, vegetables and fruit. There is great satisfaction knowing that at least some element of most meals we serve includes something we have grown in the back yard. It might be just the parsley, chives & dill that go into a fresh herb omelette. It could be the raspberries used as a garnish, but they could not be fresher or tastier.


Julie bakes all of our breads, muffins, scones and other grain-based delights. She has also developed several inventive and appealing fruit appetizers.


Alongside these offerings you will find an assortment of our homemade jams and jellies. For some reason Eric really enjoys making jams. Running a B&B is a terrific way of facilitating this passion. That’s because we get to use every jar! Already all of our strawberry jam (that old faithful) is gone, however, there is still raspberry, gooseberry, blackberry, peach, apricot, grape (and many combinations thereof) as well as a passable marmalade to choose from until the Fraser Valley strawberry harvest is ready again.


The main course is ever changing as we plan our meals so that no guest will have the same breakfast twice during their visit with us. It might be a seasonal omelette, perhaps a mushroom frittata, eggs benedict, Santa Fe crepes, blueberry pancakes or Belgian waffles. We always check in advance with our guests concerning any dietary restrictions. That way we can plan each day’s breakfast menu for the specific individuals seated at our table that day. Now we have to confess this no-meal-served-twice policy has become very challenging with many of our returning guests. After all, when someone tells us they have been dreaming of Julie’s heavenly scones (i.e. a traditional breakfast scone enhanced with orange & lemon zest) for the last six months, it’s hard to say no.