history of house & area

Beachview Retreat is an 80 year old renovated heritage home – originally the home of a manager with the Dollarton Sawmill, part of the Canadian logging company which Captain Robert Dollar established in 1916. Beachview Retreat is located on the North Shore of the Burrard Inlet in the Dollarton area next to the village of Deep Cove and at the entrance to Indian Arm, a narrow waterway extending 17 km to the tip of the Inlet.

Today, Deep Cove is a picturesque village-like oasis, just 20 minutes from the bustle of downtown Vancouver. The Cove’s tranquil beauty and the recreational opportunities at its doorstep makes it an irresistible place to visit.

Deep Cove Shore Line in the 1930's - photo curtasy of 'Echoes Across the inletLooking East to Jug Island - photo curtasy of 'Echoes Across the inletView to Quary Rock Then - photo curtasy of 'Echoes Across the inletView to Quary Rock Now

1939 View to where Beachview Retreat Stands Today - photo curtasy of 'Echoes Across the inletGallant Avenue, 'The Main Drag' 1930's - photo curtasy of 'Echoes Across the inletPanorama Drive, Deep Cove - photo curtasy of 'Echoes Across the inlet

In addition to the incredible beauty of this area and the rugged wilderness surrounding it, visitors can’t help but notice the numerous reminders of the area’s past:

  1. Vancouver Cedarside Burner Base – originally part of the old mill, located near the water’s edge in Little Cate’s Park
  2. Cedar Mill Houses and Dollar Mill Employee Houses – Beachview Retreat and several others located nearby
  3. The Homestead – a log home located nearby and made from logs felled on Mt. Seymour
  4. Cove Canoe Rental Building – former Deep Cove Motel boat rental facility in Deep Cove
  5. Deep Cove Yacht Club – at the foot of Gallant Ave. in Deep Cove
  6. Concrete abutments for Dance Hall dock – remnants of the dance hall located at the foot of Gallant in Deep Cove
  7. Quarry Rock – on the Baden Powell Trail – once the location of the Granite Quarries Company
  8. Malcolm Lowry Plaque – author of “Under the Volcano” – located in Cate’s Park on the waterfront at the site of his cabin
  9. Wigwam Inn – a summer resort and boating destination at the end of the Indian Arm and built in June 1910, still standing and in use
  10. Belcarra Park Midden – a prehistoric Coast Salish Village, where 1700 artifacts of stone, bone, antler and shell have been excavated
  11. Pictographs – evidence of native Indian art is located along Indian Arm